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Cone Beam and 3D Imaging

Some of the greatest discoveries and innovations in modern dentistry have been made possible due in part to the invention of advanced oral and maxillofacial imaging. Enhanced imaging provides an in-depth view into the bone and tooth structures of the face, allowing for more accurate diagnosis and improved treatments.

Cone Beam 3D Imaging is the next phase of dental imaging, allowing for a boundless view of the teeth and face from multiple angles. The images are of superior quality similar to those acquired from a CT scan. However, there is less radiation involved and the entire Cone Beam Imaging scan takes just 10 seconds.

Cone Beam 3D Imaging allows for better treatment planning, as dentists are capable of viewing the relationship of both hard and soft tissues throughout the face. Furthermore, because images are stored digitally, they can be dissected, examined and analyzed from several perspectives as needed prior to and following a treatment procedure.

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